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Strange plants II is the second book in a series that celebrates plants in contemporary art. The very talented editor of the book, Zio Baritaux, brought together a selection of artists, including names like Allison Schulink, Misa Hollenbach, Francesca DiMattio, Zin Taylor, Katerina Janeckova, Stills and Strokes and Ren Hang.

The aim of strange plants II is to continue the compelling conversations about how we perceive and interpret both the bizzare and beautiful side of art and nature. 

All together the book features the work of 30 artists and explores what these artists thinks about plants and how they portray them in their work. The book is 148 pages in length and comes with eight beautiful stickers so the reader can select their three favourite images and create their own unique book cover.

Publisher: Zioxla, Editor: Zio Baritaux, Printed and Bounded, 2015. 

Zixola - Strange Plants II Zixola - Strange Plants II Zixola - Strange Plants II