Sunday Talk No.7 - Renathe Todal Tande

November 08 2017

Renathe is the designer behind the Copenhagen based fine jewelry label Still With You. She strives for longevity in both style and quality, something Sunday shares with her. That´s one of the reason why Sunday decided to bring Still With You into their assortment. The other reason is that you just fall in love in the interesting organic shape of Renathes jewelry. 


Sunday Talk No.6 - EKTA

April 14 2017

See the movie about EKTA and his working process creating 'HEADS'. 

Daniel Götesson (1978), known under the artist name EKTA, is a Swedish artist, currently based in Gothenburg. His works have been exhibited all over Europe and his murals can be found across the continent. 


Sunday Talk No.5 - Romy Northover

January 07 2017

No. ('nō)  is the ceramic art and design house of Romy Northover, launched in 2012. Specialising in custom made ceramics with an 'ancient future' style. 

Sunday: Hi Romy. How are you feeling today and why?

Romy: Great! I’m working from home after a killer couple of weeks in the studio! Summer rain outside turning everything.


Sunday Talk No.4 - Anne Metsaluik

November 20 2016

Anne is the owner and founder of the pattern and design studio - PD Studio. She is the producer of Sunday’s loungewear collection. She is an extremely talented pattern maker. It is all about true craftsmanship and the passion for sewing.

Sunday: Hi Anne. How are you feeling today and why?

Life is changing in a good way and I’m feeling grateful for everything and everyone in my life.


Sunday Talk No.3 - Kristina Åkerberg

November 06 2016

Kristina is one of the owners of Norrbacka - a letterpress studio in Stockholm. Norrbacka is one of the few print houses in Sweden that offers the traditional letterpress technique. Letterpress printing is a traditional craftsmanship, where each letter is inked and relief-pressed onto paper, which results in beautiful tactile impression into the paper. The perfect profession if you love texture, design and typography. Norrbacka made Sundays smashing business cards. 

Sunday: Hi Kristina. How are you feeling today and why?

Kristina: I’m feeling very happy. Some exciting things are about to happen at work and my kids are on autumn holiday.


Sunday Talk No.2 - Eleonor Boström

October 26 2016

Eleonor is a Swedish ceramic artist sharing her time between Stockholm and San Francisco. Eleonors work is focused on sculptures with function and sculptural utility goods. 

Sunday: Hi Eleonor. How are you feeling today and why?

Eleonor: It’s Sunday and the sun is shining, so feeling pretty happy.


Sunday Talk No.1 - Jessica Hans

October 26 2016

Jessica is an artist and ceramic born in the late 80´s. She lives in Philiadelphia, where she creates fantastic shapes and colours out of clay.

Sunday: Hi Jessica. How are you feeling today and why?

Jessica: I’m feeling very ~*nice*~. This week I’m working a freelance job in Florida doing special plaster wall finishing for a retail store. The work is a lot of fun and always with a wonderful group of people. There’s typically a good amount of down time. Right now I’m writing this poolside on a warm sunny Monday afternoon.